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How to find list of previously installed apps on Google Playstore, in your new Android device: Step-by-Step

Android is the most popular operating system among the smartphone users, and the main reason behind this the number of useful apps it provides. Being a Android user you probably had downloaded hundreds of apps, and sometimes you’d uninstalled them when not in use. But sometimes it happens that you need to download the same app again that you have uninstalled, but you completely have forgotten the name of the particular application. This is not a big issue the name of that app that you have once downloaded using your account can be found easily, even if you are on a different device. So, here’s

How to find previously installed apps on your Google Playstore account.

STEP 1 –

First of all, on your new device you need to add account for which you find the previous installed apps. For this go to Settings > Accounts > Add Account> Google. Then enter your valid account details.

Add Google account

STEP 2 –

After adding your Google account, go to all apps tray and select Playstore app. Then swipe left and select “My apps and games”.

Select My apps and games

STEP 3 –

After that option there will be three option on top. Select “ LIBRARY” option to get a list of all the apps, that you have ever downloaded on your previous device using that particular account.

The list for the previous apps are sorted on the basis of time of installation. But you can change that by selecting on the three dash symbol and select “Alphabetical” option to view the apps sorted according to alphabetical order.

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