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Firefox Quantum Browser released by Mozilla !! 30% lighter than Chrome

Mozilla has introduced new Firefox Browser named Firefox Quantum. Firefox quantum is twice fast from its previous editions.

Quantum Browser
Credit : Mozilla

Under the speedometer benchmark test Firefox Quantum (57)s speed and memory was compared to various versions of Chrome and Firefox it consumed less memory for the loading of webpages and multiple tabs browsing.

Quantum Browser
Credit : Mozilla

It is built on revamped CSS engine called Stylo with the innovations of all major browser into one CSS engine. Stylo engine can sort out the work across all the cores on the machine and optimize it in parallel manner. In multiple tab browsing, it gives the highest priority to user current tab and lower to background tabs

Stylo CSS Engine consist of these innovations from various browsers with some other tweaks from Mozilla engineering team

  • Parallelism from Servo
  • Rule Tree from Firefox
  • Style Sharing Cache ( Safari & Chrome)

Quantum Browser

It has new Photon Interface UI, reformed into new design and elegant look with improved core functionality of  Firefox browser. New design interface has square tabs, recast menus and a new “Library” button. It has merged search and Url bar into one, same can be changed with few clicks into earlier way.

Quantum browser features screenshots to quickly grab the screenshot of the webpage into jpeg file, Pocket for saving articles for reading it later, Gaming & VR has built in support for WebVR and WASM

Download New Mozilla Quantum Browser from here


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