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First Expansion Of Civilization 6 Revealed

Civilization 6 is “2016’s best strategy”  The Game Awards winner.Publisher 2k has revealed the first expansion of the game called Civilization VI Rise and Fall.

Release Date:

This new adventure in civilization 6 will release on February 8th, 2018.

Features Of The Expansion

1. New Civilization and New leaders:

The  Expansion will have eight new civilizations and nine new leaders which will reveal over the coming weeks with the expansion.

2. More enhanced Allies:

In order to prevent interference of other players, the alliance now gets more enhanced by total 5 forms of alliances- Research, Military, Economic, Cultural, and Religious. Furthermore, if alliance continues it will itself level up and unlock bonuses.


This new system can change the control over cities. Cities now have individual loyalty towards your leadership. However, a low loyalty will have major consequences for low yield, revolt and become a free city.

4.Golden and Dark Ages:

Golden and Dark age are new events of the game.Golden Age offers a huge bonus. Furthermore, having a dark age can hurts loyalty in your cities very badly but on the other hand, it also gives an opportunity to earn future golden age very easily.

5. Emergencies:

Emergencies can get a trigger when a civilization get more powerful so other players can join in an emergency against the target which can result in nuclear war also.


You can also recruit more upgraded governor and appoint them to the cities.Each governor will have their different skill tree of promotions. Also during the game player can earn up to seven governors.

7.History timeline:

You can also earn historic moments while playing. These historic moments, taken together to form a story for you like a review of your civilization’s journey.

After some DLC’s and updates in this game finally, a big expansion is coming.

Also, game has more features which you can see on steam page via:

Reveal Trailer :

Source: Steam
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