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First NA Female Overwatch Contenders player resign due to online harassment

Updated News: Overwatch Contenders Player Ellie confirmed someone else was playing with her name

Updated Summary: New reports have confirmed Punisher was playing the player name Ellie, and he has stated this act as some sort of social experiment, also player Ellie has said in private messages to teammates confirming she has not been the one playing, for detail coverage on this read the updated article above.

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An Overwatch Contenders player has resigned after being harassed over her authenticity.

Second Wind, a minor league Overwatch team has added a female player “Ellie” to his roster in December last year. She was the first female from the North American region to represent in Overwatch Contenders.

Just after her joining she faced constant negative comments that she is a male pro player who is posing as a female.

She was selected by Second Wind to represent the team in Overwatch Contenders game, but before playing any game she has resigned due to online bullying and harassment.

Many doubted her age, and also took a mark on her high rank with low experience. Others commented that Ellie is using a smurf account as her name has not been listed on the Overwatch Contenders website.

Also, a pro banned player named “Haunt” proposed doxxing her true identity. Also, an Overwatch League player Daniel “Dafran” Francesca, doubted her legitimacy and passed comment on this during his stream.

Second Wind has taken the route of Twitter to announce the resignation of Ellie due to negative and hate speech that she is getting online.

Female Overwatch Contenders player Resigns 

In their statement, Second Wind has mentioned that,

” Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen reactions, Ellie has opted to step down from the team. We hope you continue to support her in her ventures in Overwatch as we will”

It is such a disturbing fact that even in this modern world, women in Esports are not been accepted with open hearts. Last week, Los Angles Gladiators social media director Analynn Dang ( Grandmaster Ranked Overwatch Player), shared her own experience by quoting ” I literally talk on voice chat at the start of the game and someone starts screaming that we lost bc there’s a girl on the team,” she wrote. “Then they proceed to AFK and throw the entire game.”

Second Wind owner Justin Hughes took the route of Twitter to express his views over this issue

We certainly hope both the community and Overwatch competition organisers will address these issues properly such that no such incident should happen in future.


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