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First Period Review, Entire Male Cast For Menstrual Awareness

First Period is a short film with a run time of 10 mins, directed by Mozez Singh and is an MH Alliance initiative with Dasra India YouTube channel. The film highlights the issues related to the so-called unclean and cursed word in Indian society i.e. Menstruation.

The glimpse of the storyline of ‘First Period’.

The first Period begins showing a 7th-grade school boy about to get ready for his school and gets to know that he’s got his first day of periods but feels coy to share with the family. His father consolidates him for being calm as it happens with everyone and is absolutely normal. Everybody supports him and guides him through this phase, may it be his school teacher or classmates and everything goes as normal as it should.

First Period

Message from ‘First Period’.

First Period is a great short with a great message. Menstrual hygiene has been a topic of awareness and concern for so long but if we look at the graph, unawareness is still at its peak. First Period is a movie which tried in a distinguished way to make people understand this natural phenomenon. Giving way to gender equality the movie showed a team of an entirely male cast and gives an eye-widening message that may it be a girl or boy, treat them equally.

Had there been a girl instead of Ayush, she might not get the right care and support rather she might have been confined to the four walls. It is shown that had there been the same problem wd girls they wouldn’t have been treated like this. But it is still in some areas considered as a topic of shame and forget about the awareness even proper care is also not given. So it was a great step by the director to appeal everyone to not consider this natural phenomenon as a taboo.

First Period

Final Verdict, a short worth watching, First Period.

First Period is definitely worth watching short not because it covers a social issue of menstrual hygiene but for the very first time the film ensembled all-male cast creating awareness on the taboo-ed topic periods.  A really Praise-worthy and great work by the director.


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