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Fitbit Luxe Not Tracking Sleep: How to fix it?

Fitbit Luxe is a fitness tracker. It is basically designed to provide all the fitness tracking features. It was announced in May 2021 as a direct competitor to Garmin’s fitness trackers. This fitness tracker is a very successful and productive product designed by Fitbit. All the major features are provided in it. This comes in the category of medium-budget fitness trackers. And it is good for beginners as well as professionals who want to take up a very precise and accurate measurement of their fitness statistics.

Fitbit Luxe
Fitbit Luxe

Luxe is also built very durable and reliable. The tracker hardly develops any kind of resistance to the body. Its architecture and design make it a perfect fit for the wrist. It operates on the Fitbit OS. The fitness tracker can be paired with any Android or iOS device. More and more features are being added to the OS. OTA updates are regularly provided in the tracker. This fitness tracker is designed to meet the demands of all types of fitness geeks.

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Sleep Tracking:-

This feature provides all the demographics related to our sleep. All the information regarding the overall inactive sleeping time is monitored by the fitness tracker. It spots the differences between the past and present sleep schedules. All the data is summarised by the fitness OS. And the data is merged with the pre-existing information about the sleeping demographics.

Like this, Fitbit also uses its resources and services to keep track of the sleeping activity of the user. It analyses every detail during the inactive sleeping time of the user. Fitbit Luxe furnishes all sleeping data like Sleep duration, quality, goal, etc. These features provide assistance to improve the sleeping habits of the user. This is a very innovative and flexible way to get on the bed. All the data can be accessed in the Fitbit OS application, which is available on Android and iOS markets. All in all, these features help the user to improve their sleeping habits. And it also improves health conditions.

Fitbit Luxe Not Tracking Sleep: How to fix it?

Follow the steps below for “Fitbit Luxe Not Tracking Sleep: How to fix it?”:-

  • This problem occurs due to the improper placement of the fitness band on your wrist. It has got nothing to do with the settings or internal factors. And it can be fixed with a slight change in the positioning and grip of the tracker.
  • Move the tracker a little bit lower than your wrist. And untighten the buckle of the tracker. This will solve the problem of not tracking sleep.

Below is the video tutorial for it:-

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