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Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 282 Manga Raw Confirmed Summary

Shokugeki no Soma or Food Wars manga has been set up at the Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute and follows the lives of students that graduate each year. Its story follows a teenager Soma Yukihira who wants to become a full-time chef in his father restaurant. This manga is the part of Weekly Shonen Jump series. In today’s post, we will discuss Shokugeki No Soma chapter 282 manga spoilers

Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 282 Manga Raw Confirmed Summary

In the Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma 282 we will see a long conversation between Soma and Jou

Soma: In the first place, I was willing to inherit Yukihira long ago! My plan was to train after finishing middle school, but you were the one who told me to go to Tootsuki, right?!

Jou: The one who persistently recommended me to make you join Tootsuki was old man Senzaemon.

Soma: Ah…ah….right…you were saying something like that before.

Jou: I didn’t really have any intentions to make you join Tootsuki. I didn’t have any desires to make my own son a celebrity chef anyway. Also, as a chef…aiming for the top isn’t always fun or easy. That’s why…I asked Senzaemon to wait till you are old enough for high school, and told him that I will train you till middle school. But this is the result. You exceeded my expectations, and took the elite ten’s first seat…! In the future, if you desire so, you can present your dish anywhere. All kinds of people will want to taste your culinary. Especially, if you get a result in BLUE, then this will only get bigger…A bright stage will be awaiting you…!

Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 282 Manga Raw

Soma: If I can’t win BLUE, then I won’t inherit Yukihira from you. I lost to that guy Asahi, and haven’t even beaten Nakiri yet. There’s no way I can inherit it like this…! For me, Yukihira isn’t a place where I can run away from fights and just retire there.

Jou: Soma…

Soma: My next goal after obtaining the first seat is now to be at the top of the world…! For me, Yukihira is the world’s best place. So I gotta be the world’s best as well when I inherit it. Otherwise, I’m not deserving of that place.

Jou: As expected…our son is quite a guy. He’s exactly like you…

Narration: “Soma Yukihira 16 years old is on his summer break in his second year of high school. However, it is obvious that he won’t even have the slightest moment of rest….It’s the start of the days that will be Soma’s most severe and dangerous fights. The battle royal of the strongest chefs starts…!


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