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The Ford Ojo Electric scooter showed up at CES 2018

Electric scooters are very common nowadays. A new California based company has launched new electric scooter with Ford branding called Ford OJO electric scooter at CES 2018.


The Ojo scooter is made to run for about 25 miles on a single full charge, however with an extra add on battery pack it can be doubled. The scooter has a top speed of 20 miles or 32 km per hour.It’s body is made of the aluminum therefore it is light weight , fast , smooth and stable.

A touchscreen is also present on the dashboard to control certain functions and it also have Bluetooth connectivity by which you can play any music of your choice on the go via two embedded speakers. For charging the scooter a built in power cord is provided which plugs directly into the socket. The battery takes approx. five hours to charge fully from zero to Hundred.

Image: Theverge

The features of the scooter was attracted by the ford ,president of Ojo Electric- Dale Seiden explains it, “the company was at a trade show when it struck up a conversation with Ford about licensing“.The both companies then struck a global deal that means Ojo will get a recognition in the market ,that will help it to stand out in a brutally crowded field, and ford will get another smart vehicle to its lineup.

Seiden says, “When you have a brand that people know, you get reach. It’s instant wow,”. “When they see Ford? It’s like wow. I’ve got to check this thing out. Ojo Electric? Not too many people knew the brand.”

courtesy: The verge

However as ojo electric scooter have been branded as ford it doesn’t mean ford will provide service and other things to the scooter.The deal is only for name and trademark.

The scooter is quite with different with in built charger and Bluetooth speakers. You can use the scooter while standing or siting on it. This will be very popular in colleges and office campus and with all these features it also a point of attraction at CES 2018.

The price of scooter is kept little over $ 2000 which is high comparing other electric scooters in the market but can it be digestive seeing all those smart features.


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