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Fortnite 4K resolution enhanced version coming for PS4 Pro soon

Are you looking to play Fortnite in 4K resolution, well it seems like Epic Games have listened to your request.

Epic games have shared its plans to enhance the Fortnite resolution for PS4 Pro.

We know that PlayStation 4 Pro supports 4K resolution natively and along with that it also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range).

In the past few months, we have seen many Xbox One X games received its enhanced 4K versions of the game which improve the graphics quality significantly.

Epic games have shared recent development update, which has focuses on numerous issues across the various platforms.

If you talk currently, Fortnite only supports 1080p at 60 fps resolution even for PS4 and PS4 Pro. But by enhancing it to 4K resolution one can utilise the console to its full power.

The Epic games have not specifically mentioned what sort of enhancements or improvements actually coming into the game.

Fortnite 4K resolution enhanced version

Fortnite 4K resolution enhanced version

The developers have also not confirmed any dates for the enhanced version of the Fortnite, but players can expect its launch in the near future around the launch of Fortnite Season 6.

As Epic games have revealed its plans for the PS4 users but they have not mentioned anything specifically for the Microsoft Xbox One X console.

Fortnite 4K resolution enhanced version

We know that Microsoft Xbox One X also has the capacity of playing the games in the Native 4K resolution, but the Epic games developers have not suggested any plans for the release of a 4K enhanced version of Fortnite for Xbox One X users.

Currently, the Fortnite system uses a dynamic resolution which means if games get too heavy, it will drop the resolution to maintain a good frame rate. So event after hitting the 4K resolution, the game might adjust itself to the load and latency.


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