Fortnite 5.41 update shows water related files at Loot Lake

Fortnite Season 6 is just a few days away and the files related to the conclusion of Season 5 can be seen in the data files of Fortnite Patch notes 5.41.

The recent Fortnite 5.41 update patch has added a variety of new content including creepy clown cosmetics and ice skins/gliders. Well not all the items will be present in the game at once, we have to wait for the items to appear in the Item Shop

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The latest update has added the data files related to Kevin the Cube, also adding Water related data files, which suggest that Loot Lake theory is likely to happen in the game

Fortnite Update 5.41

As per the previous leaks, the Loot Lake theory tells us, the Cube will head towards the Loot Lake and after reaching the Loot Lake, it will suck up all the water and turn the area into a Volcanic Area with Lava, as Lava files nod to that theory

The data mined files also suggest that “Kevin” (Cube) will light up the fuse at the start of the event as it will approach towards the Loot Lake. The files also show depth of water related files such as “Water Shallow”

And the shallow water files has been found under a Unique materials folder, which also adds up to the Water Sucking theory of Loot Lake


From a new leak file from FNLeak, we can see that Destination event has been added to the cube files, which also indicate the cube reaching to its final destination and hence concluding the Fortnite Season 5

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