Saturday, December 4, 2021
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In Fortnite 5.41 update Spiky Stadium added to Playground Mode

Fortnite always adds an element of surprise in each of their updates. The reason for their grand success also contributes to their factor of creativity. Epic games developers have managed to create interesting items, emotes, modes for the Fortnite game to lure the players and stick to the game.

A day before, Epic games have released update 5.41 for Fortnite, which also includes a new item called Spiky Stadium for the Playground Mode. This item is a limited time item which means it will only be available for the limited duration of time

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This item is only limited to the playground mode and when this item is thrown or used, it creates a giant stadium with lots of Damage Traps and Bounce Traps on the walls, also a handful of Impulse grenades

Fortnite Update 5.41 Spiky Stadium

The stadium size is 7 x 11 inches and it only takes a short while for a full map to build up once the item is used

A video below from Pefu demonstrates the use of Spiky Stadium Item

Fortnite 5.41 update Spiky Stadium

Also, keep your eyes open in the game for the upcoming events as Fortnite Season 5 at its verge, while Fortnite Season 6 is going to commence soon.


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