Fortnite Battle Royale players are already enjoying the frantic and limited time Blitz Mode. The big news is that the new limited time mode is already teased by Epic Games.

Today, On the Reddit a user suggested of extending the Blitz game mode beyond the scheduled date. In its reply, Epic Games community manager K.L. Smith said that players are going to enjoy the next limited time mode.

“Can’t promise we’ll extend the mode, but I can pass along the suggestion,. “As most of you know we can (and do) bring back LTMs that you all enjoy. So we can definitely rotate it in.

“Besides… I think many of you will likely like the next LTM planned :)”

So there is no confirmation of the extension of the Blitz mode but a new limited time mode is already in work. In the response to the reply, a huge conversation is started on the Reddit page about the look and features of the next limited time mode.

Fortnite Battle Royale Blitz Mode Details

Smith also reply to a comment by saying:

“LTMs are meant to let loose and spice things up. We always try to maintain a healthy approach to how we introduce them and the effects various things have on the game.

It’s good to see so many great reactions to Blitz. We’ve seen other LTMs have a similar response. All LTMs are fleeting, but we hope each one we introduce changes things up and allows you to have fun.

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