Fortnite Birthday 5.1 Anniversary update includes decorations on map

Fortnite has become one of the most successful Battle Royale game on the earth and its not stopping at all. Epic games has done a fabulous job, in keeping, the players engaged to the game with new exciting updates, skins, items and emotes. Fortnite is going to organise its world cup in the year 2019. This game is not only famous among the gamers, it also well known with celebrities. In the Season 5 update of Fortnite, we have seen the addition of racing card and two new location which includes Paradise Palms and Lazy Links. The new update also included the Rift which allows you to teleport and jump off to a new location with the help of glider.

Fortnite 5.1 Anniversary update

As we all know Epic games and Fortnite keeps shedding new updates and Twitter handle of @Fortnitee_Leaks has suggested new things that we can expect in the 5.1 update that will come on Tuesday. The changes that we are likely to see has been mentioned below.

Fortnite Birthday 5.1 Anniversary update

Game Play (Fortnite Birthday 5.1 Anniversary update)

  • Compact SMG
  • Battle Bus Color Changes for the anniversary
  • Birthday decorations around the map for the anniversary
  • Free back bling when you complete all 3 challenges for the anniversary event

Map changes (Fortnite Birthday 5.1 Anniversary update)

  • Files
  • New Skins in the file
  • New Backblings
  • New gliders
  • New files regarding gifting system
  • Week 3 and 4 loading screen when you complete week 3 and 4.

Fortnite Birthday 5.1 Anniversary update

We are sure you must be really excited for the upcoming anniversary of the Fortnite Battle Royale and also the game will be released on android on its anniversary. We are likely to see a large number of gamers joining the Fortnite success when it releases on the Fortnite. It will be interesting to see how the game performs against its competitors PUBG and Free Fire on Android which has a huge fan base on Android. In India, the gamers are following PUBG more than Fortnite, as it gives more realistic feeling while playing the game.

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