Fortnite Birthday Challenges- How To Earn Birthday Cake Back Bling In Fortnite

Fortnite has become a most successful Battle Royale game and it is non-stopping. It is because of its exclusive emotes, skins and items features which are unique from any other Battle Royal Game. Battle Royal mode was released in the game in September 2017 but it was 25th July 2017 when Fortnite entered the gaming world with a brand new way of playing a multiplayer game. From tomorrow, Fortnite is celebrating its first anniversary with Fortnite Birthday challenges along with Fortnite Update 5.1

Fortnite Birthday Challenges

Fortnite Birthday Challenges

Fortnite Birthday Challenges are different from the weekly challenges and they offer huge XP, an emote and a spray.

  • Play matches (14) – 5000XP
  • Deal damage to opponents (1000) – Fortnite Birthday! emote
  • Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10) – Happy Birthday! spray

The birthday challenges will begin from today after Fortnite Update 5.1. Playing 14 matches will give you net 5000 XP and dealing 1000 damage to opponents will reward you a special Fortnite Birthday emote. To earn a Happy Birthday Fortnite spray you will have to dance in front of 10 different Fortnite Birthday cakes that will appear in the game after Update 5.1.

Unlike, Fortnite Week Challenges, Fortnite Birthday Challenges seem to be fun. So its time to celebrate Fortnite Birthday with a huge bang.

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