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Fortnite Close Encounter Mode Get Disabled By Epic Games

Fortnite new limited time mode “Close Encounter” was launch today in the game. But after few minutes Epic Game disabled the Fortnite Close Encounter mode due to some issues.

“Due to an issue with Close Encounters, we’ve had to disable this LTM while we investigate,” Epic said.

According to the players who were able to get a hand on the mode, the main problem in the mode was availability non-shotgun ammo in this mode. Since this mode is a shotgun-only mode, therefore, availability of the non-shotgun ammo making the sense of mode wrong.

It is unclear that when will Fortnite Close Encounter mode will make its return to the game. Currently, it is replaced by the Solid Gold Mode V2.

Fortnite Close Encounter Mode

fortnite close encounter mode

For those who didn’t read the Fortnite update v4.2 notes and don’t know about the mode. Fortnite Close Encounter is a shotgun and Jetpack mode. Jetpack and Heavy Shotguns are only available in the game through chests and supply drops while simple shotguns can be looted through the floors.

Fortnite is currently on early access across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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