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Fortnite Leak: Fortnite Cosmetic Refund Date Has Been Leaked

It looks like that the cosmetic refund system is making its way back to the game very soon. According to the leak images, Epic Games player support confirms the re-implementation of the Fortnite cosmetic refund system on June 1.

Return Of Fortnite Cosmetic Refund System

The Fortnite Cosmetic System was a special system implemented during the Fortnite Season 3. It allowed the players to trade back their pickaxes,skins, emotes and other cosmetics in exchange to the full V-Bucks equal to the cost of that cosmetic. It had also some rules that each player can refund only three cosmetics lifetime and that items should be purchased within certain duration of time.

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But this system was disabled after short time without any official reasons. ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks’ recently tweet this image.

Fortnite Cosmetic Refund

Currently there is not official statement or announcement is not made by Epic Games but if it is coming then it will be a great news for the Fortnite fans.

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