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Fortnite Creator Buys Forests For Conservation

Fornite is currently the most popular game in the world right now with millions of active players on different platforms. The popularity of the battle royale based game generated a sum of $318 million in the month of May last year, which was a record-breaking statistic, and not only this, in 2018 the game developer generated a total of whopping $3 billion, and according to Bloomberg, founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney’s 2018 net worth was $7.18 billion, that’s really a hell amount of money, but other than buying a lot of supercars, iPhones, what else can be done? You will be surprised to know.

While you were playing Fortnite and chopping down the trees with your harvesting tool, Tim Sweeney was spending millions of dollars to protect the trees in real life for a really good reason, yes, of course, environmental conservation. Not only this, the founder of the most popular game on earth has been doing it before the game was generating tons of dollars.

According to Vigor News, Sweeney has been millions to buy the forests, so no one else can buy them and chop off the trees. He bought 40,000 acres of land in North Carolina and donated money to a number of conservation projects, with an expansion of 1,500 acres to Mount Michael State Park among them. And in November 2016, a sum of $15 million was donated by Sweeney to help protect 7,000 acres of the Box Creek Wilderness. Sweeney mentioned the incredible donation “one part of the puzzle” only. Continuing with this, he purchased a 1,500-acre area known as Stone Hills, preventing it from being developed into a golf resort.

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Sweeney said, “It’s one of the most diverse areas in North Carolina. It has such rare plant and wildlife species, it seemed a perfect fit with the Fish and Wildlife Service. This is the first step – there will be other places protected. The goal is to connect South Mountains State Park to Chimney Rock. This is one piece of the puzzle.”

Sweeney also mentioned that he’d be holding the area himself until he finds “a permanent nature conservation home for it, which will take years or decades.”

Frankly saying, I’ve never been a great fan of Fortnite, but after getting know about Sweeney’s effort for the nature conservation, I can definitely say, I’m one of the biggest fans now.

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