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Fortnite Cross-Play Guide- How To Do Cross-Play In Fortnite With Android, Switch, iOS, Xbox One, PS4 And PC

Cross-play feature allows playing a game with your friends who use different gaming platform. World’s most popular Battle Royale game i.e. Fortnite Battle Royale also use this feature. It was first introduced with the release of the game on iOS devices. It allows to play Fortnite with PC, Xbox One, PS4 and switch gamers. It can be little tricky to enable the Fortnite Cross-play. In this post, we will discuss how to enable cross-play in Fortnite Battle Royale on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and iOS.

How To Enable Fortnite Cross-Play

Cross-play in Fortnite

Linking Epic Games Account

Epic Games account is the only key to make you play cross-play in Fortnite. So, The first step in setting up cross-play in Fortnite will be the linking your account to the Epic Games.

As PC, Mac and Mobile players use Epic Games account to launch the game; they don’t need to do linking. For Console players, you will have to go to and sign-in. There, a prompt window will ask if you already play Fortnite.

Fortnite Cross-play

If you play, then you will choose the platform on which you play Fortnite. Then, you will create an Epic Games account to link with your console account.

Add Friends In The Game Through Epic Games Account

Fortnite Cross-play

Linking with Epic Games account remove the barriers of sending a friend request or adding friends on the other platform. To create a cross-platform friend list in the game you have to follow one of the below ways after linking with Epic Games account.

  • In PC or Mac, you can invite friends via the launcher.
  • With Fortnite on mobile, you can directly manage friends.
  • You can add your Epic Games friends of other platforms on consoles via the main menu.

Matchmaking In Cross-Play

Fortnite Cross-play

After adding friends, go and make your squad to cross-play. Click on an empty squad option and invite friends from other platforms to the game. When they join the game, you will able to see a little icon indicating about their respective platform.

As Sony PS4 not allows Fortnite cross-play feature with Xbox and Switch. So, you can’t play cross-play between PS4 and Switch or Xbox. But, can cross-play between Switch and Xbox. For iOS and PC, you can cross-play with any platform in the game.

I know, you are wondering about your opponents’ platform in the cross-play. There is a matchmaking system in the Fortnite which determines the type of opponents in the Fortnite cross-play.

  • If you are playing solo, then you will face opponents of the same platform as yours.
  • If you are playing in a multi-platform cross-play, then your opponents will be from the platform of the highest player in the squad. If your squad has a PC player, an iOS player and Xbox player, then you will face opponents belong to PC platform. If the PC player leaves, then you will put into the console matchmaking pool.

So, this is all for playing cross-play in Fortnite with ease. I hope that now you would not face any problem in cross-play matchmaking.

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