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Fortnite Update- Fortnite Release Its Developer Update After Season 4 Launch

Epic Games has released its first Developer update for Fortnite on 4th May to introduce some changes in the game. In update developer, David Spalinski addressed the few additions made to the Battle Pass, the changes in Map and the Hop Rocks.

In the Fortnite developer update, Developer from the Epic games communicates with their player. They address the changes made in the game and how they are different from the previous version.

Developer David Spalinski discussed the additions made to the new Battle Pass, the Map changes, and the new Hop Rocks.

Fortnite Developer Update Changes

During the update Developer addressed the following changes:

  • The major change in an update that players can now able to unlock body armour pieces for upgrading the Carbide and Omega skins.
  • Players now can have access to their whole emote collection during the match including the brand new sprays.
  • The developer also addresses the changes of the map locations. He mentioned the new locations: Rusty Reels and Dusty Divot former known as Dusty Depot.
  •  David Spalinski discussed more about the Hope Rocks ( purple colour rocks found around craters and can make the player able to jump higher). He said that :

“We plan to try more things like these Hop Rocks in the future.”

You can watch the full developer update below:

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