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Fortnite Devs plans to do some changes in the game

Fortnite: Battle Royale is free to play 100 players pvp survival mode game. It is like PUBG but with tweaks, different features, funny and animation graphics. The game is going very good due to its PUBG like gameplay feature which is absolutely free. The game’s developer is  Epic games.

In a recent post BATTLE ROYALE – STATE OF DEVELOPMENT V3 by epic games , the team is doing some changes like a new model of shooting, character models, and various features also.

Fortnite changes and new features

  1. Playing with friends by forming squad or twosomes will be better. Current features of playing with friends are not so good in the game.Since certain regions don’t have Duos playlist the development team is also working on that.
  2. Better action will take on team killing.
  3. The team is developing and testing new shooting model to remove random spread of the bullets while aiming down the sights. Also, the initial results of the test is promising.
  4. Various changes to audio quality are coming because of the feedback. Mix clarity will improve by tweaking various things. The team is working on tweaking Trap audio, Launch Pad audio, Weapon audio panning, Quieter teammate footsteps and  Footsteps on different surfaces.
  5. New updates are coming to the maps. Maps are getting a new point of interests to fill some empty spaces and to improve gameplay variety.
  6. Players will get more post-match stats. The team is working on the first stab at a Post-Match Stats screen you can view after you’re eliminated.
  7. Epic games team is also work adding new and unique textures to the gliders. Also, the team is working on the full remodels of gliders, pickaxes, and characters that achieve this vision.
  8. More items and weapons are coming and server optimizations are also in the work.


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