Fortnite Emotes are the best way for expressing the happiness and enjoyment after killing an opponent or winning a match. In the recent Fortnite 3.5 patch notes three new emotes for Fortnite have been spotted. The update was released on April 11th.

As said emotes, dance moves and costumes in Fortnite Battle Royale the few things which always make sure that game doesn’t become too serious.

Following with the release of Fornite 3.5 patch notes, a number of new skins, items and more were spotted in the game files. With the data mining of the patch notes, many things get uncovered in last two days. The data mining has also uncovered three new emotes which will live in the game anytime ranging from common to epic in rarity.

The current names in the game files, according to Storm Shield One, are EID_HeelClick, EID_RockGuitar, and EID_SmoothRide, with the provisional names, are “Click!”, “Rock Out”, and “Smooth Ride”.

All new Fortnite emotes are below. The rarities are by the background color  (purple = epic ,blue = rare,green = uncommon,)

Fortnite Emotes Fortnite Emotes Fortnite Emotes