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Fortnite Floating Island Event To Spawn Damage Walls

Thanks to the data miners, we’ve got some amazing Fortnite leaks just after the release of Fortnite Update 6.1. One of the leaks is regarding the Fortnite Floating Island which is currently leaving corrupted vents after visiting corrupted areas in reverse order of Cube’s movements. Its fate is currently unknown but according to the leak from Fortnite asset’s file, we may have an idea about the next Floating Island event.

Data miners have discovered an asset titled as GE_DudeBroDamageWallsLots

Fortnite Floating Island

It leads us to the happening of the next Floating Island / Cube event in-game. As the name implies, we might see Damage Walls spawning across the map during Fortnite Floating Island event or it can after when Floating Island will complete its path. It is currently unclear when it will exactly happen.

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