Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Fortnite get update 1.10 , includes new waepons , inventory and more

There is no doubt that Fortnite is the perfect alternative to PUGB and also free. It is gaining more popularity day by day. Epic Games have released new update 1.10 for the game to fix various issues and introducing new features.

Also, a new mode is coming in the game which will reveal live at the Game Awards. This is huge update ahead of the new mode in the game. Due to the new update, all servers are currently down in the game. The server will live after the rolling out of the new update.

This update makes more improvements in the game. As mentioned in earlier post, changes are made in aim assist to shoot with sniper rifle more easily. There is new “New Debug Stats” panel in Battle Royale UI. You can also view your XP and personal stats at end of the match. Sniper rifles now no longer reload while scoping. Now there will less chance of getting bandages from treasures and Supply Drops are made decrease by 35 %. The update also adds new inventory to the game. Many fixes are also made to the audio, UI, weapons, and performance. Check out latest update notes here.

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