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Fortnite India Server In Mumbai Is Coming Very Soon

Good news for Indian Fortnite players is here. According to the leaks via data miners of FNBRLeaks and MystxcLeaks, Epic Games is releasing  Fortnite India server in Mumbai along with major cities and countries of the world very soon.

Fortnite India Server In Mumbai

Fortnite has become the world’s no.1 game with million of base players, so there is a need for high-quality servers. Epic Games is developing various servers to improve matchmaking all around the world.

You can see whether your country or city is included in new Fortnite servers:

Fortnite India Server

The list consists of major cities and countries like London, Seoul, Paris, Belgium, Netherlands, Singapore, India ( Mumbai ), Montreal and Ohio.

Epic Games is using Amazon Web Services( AWS ) for the Fortnite’s online infrastructure, and all its servers are running on AWS cloud which made Season 4’s rocket launch a successful event around the world.

The release date for the newly developed servers is not out yet, but if you look at the gap between the leak and official release in Fortnite, then you can expect the new servers in the game within this month.

It’s a real deal for Fortnite India players as they will experience more smooth and improved matchmaking after the release of  Fortnite India server in Mumbai.

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