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Fortnite Item Shop 29th August 2018 updated daily

Fortnite Battle Royale game has encompassed lots of popularity among the gaming community all around the globe. The revenue of Fortnite game is reaching more than $200 million each month. This huge amount of revenue is credited to very interesting emotes, skins and other in-game items which are available for purchase. The Fortnite game has specifically two modes 1) Battle Royale Mode and 2) Save the World.

The game is available for Free Play under the battle royale mode and but for Save the World Mode you have to shed the bucks. The game developers also releases two set of challenges each week one for the free users and other for the battle pass challenges. In order to complete the battle pass challenges you have to buy the battle pass which will cost around 950 V-Bucks.

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Also, in addition to it, there is a item shop in a Fortnite Game, which has a daily list of items which will be available for the purchase throughout the day. Every item is not available for purchase each day, only specific set of items can be purchased in a day. Down below we are sharing with you the Fortnite Daily Item Shop for 29th August 2018.

The list of items which has been included in the Fortnite Daily Shop for 29th August 2018 has been mentioned below.

Fortnite Item Shop 29th August 2018

1) Cuddle Team Leader – V-Bucks (2000)

2) Dark Vanguard – V-Bucks (2000)

3) Love Ranger – V-Bucks (2000)

4) Deep Space Lander – V-Bucks (1200)

5) Orbital Shuttle – V-Bucks (1200)

6) Tat Axe – V-Bucks (800)

7) Electro Shuffle- V-Bucks (800)

8) Flippin Sexy – V-Bucks (500)

9) Dazzle – V-Bucks (1200)

10) Spectre – V-Bucks (800)

11) Buckled – Buckled (Buckled)

12) Jungle Scout – V-Bucks (800)

Fortnite Item Shop 29th August 2018

Fortnite Item Shop 29th August 2018



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