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Fortnite: Leaked Stats and Sounds for Leaked Burst SMG

Recently, Epic Games dropped the v9.10 update. Whenever an update comes, the data miners search through the game files for new upcoming cosmetic skins, weapons or game modes. This time data miners found the images, stats and sounds for an upcoming weapon to Fortnite, Burst SMG. Let’s find out the leaked stats and sounds for the Burst SMG.

Burst SMG Stats

Fortnite- Leaked Stats and Sounds for Leaked Burst SMG 1 Photo

According to Storm Shield One, a website which keeps a track of in-game weapons Burst SMG will have 3 variants – Grey, Green and Blue. From the look of it, it doesn’t sound like a powerful weapon but its stats say something different.

According to Burst SMG stats, Grey one will deal damage of 23 per hit, Green will be 24 per hit and Blue will deal 25 damage per hit. Moreover, the fire rate of Burst SMG is going to be 3.4 bps. At a medium distance, the three variants will do 16.1, 16.8 and 17.5 damage. While at long-range, they will deal 9.2, 9.6 and 10 damage respectively.

Burst SMG Sounds

The above tweet by data miner Slqthy reveals the Burst SMG sounds that have been found in the game files. The sounds contain the weapon’s sounds at different ranges. Check them out in the above tweet.

The addition of the Burst SMG in the game files doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be added in the game. Hence, it is not yet confirmed if this weapon will be added in the game or not. And if yes, then the date has not yet been revealed. Stay tuned to get more information on Burst SMG’s release.

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