Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Fortnite LMG gun will be added to the game’s weaponry

To be honest, Fortnite is currently the best Battle Royale game in this market. It really surprises me sometimes, the update and content this game keep providing each week, there is no single moment of boredom with the game with its exciting refreshing content and updates each week.

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Fortnite LMG gun

The developers of Epic games has teased a new gun in the weaponry department. In the announcement screen of the game, we can find the new Light Machine Gun ( LMG) having a green background and it has been mentioned, that the new gun will come in this game soon

Fortnite LMG gun

With players like Ninja and Myth, the game has attracted thousands of people to it and the numbers for this game are breaking new records each week.

Fortnite LMG gun

The new LMG weapon has all the good features one can ask for, it has a fast rate of fire, large magazine and slows reload. The new gun has a bipod attached to it, it is a matter of speculation whether the player will be able to use this gun freehand or required to crouch to use this gun


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