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New Foraged Items have been added to Fortnite-Locations and details

Fortnite v8.20 update has gone live in-game on March 27. With the release of v8.20 update, Epic Games has added new Foraged items to Fortnite. These foraged items include bananas, coconuts and peppers. This addition to the game was surprising as there was no leak or some prior News Update in-game related to these foraged items. Since they are new in the game, let’s find out the foraged items locations on the Fortnite Map and their details.

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New Foraged Items in Fortnite Locations and Details

The new foraged items in Fortnite will act like an alternate way to gain health and shield when there is a lack of shields and Medkits in the game. Check out the details about the new foraged items that have been added in the Fortnite from the v8.20 update patch notes:

  • Bananas
    • Instantly grant 5 health when consumed.
    • Can be found in the tropical biome.
  • Coconuts
    • Foraged by damaging palm trees.
    • When consumed, Coconuts grant 5 points of effective health over a short time. That means it will replenish shields if the player is at max health.
    • Can be found in tropical and desert biomes.
  • Peppers
    • When consumed, peppers instantly grant 5 health and also increase the player’s movement speed by 20% for 10 seconds.
    • Can be found in the desert biome.

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