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Fortnite New Item- Brand New Stink Bomb Is Coming With Next Fortnite Update

With the new Fortnite Update, the game will receive a brand new throwable weapon. That new Fortnite item is Stink Bomb. It is revealed via in-game live update.

Fortnite New Item- Stink Bomb

Fortnite Battle Royal was released in September 2017 and from that time to today, the game is continuously evolving and becoming more engaging. Epic Games is doing everything to evolve its meta and style of play by continuously introducing new items, cosmetics, game modes and skins.

New Fortnite item Stink Bomb has teased by the Data miners from the starting of the June. Now it is confirmed and coming very soon in the game.

Fortnite New Item

According to the in-game Fortnite update, we only have this information about Stink Bomb:“Explodes in a cloud on impact and slowly damage anyone inside”.

It seems that it will be similar to a tear gas and will be a perfect item in a building battle to force the opponents out of their protection. It will probably add in the game on the 19 June as part of weekly Fortnite Update.

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