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Fortnite New Weapons, New Traps And Items Leaked By Data Miners

You’ll see new weapons, traps and items in Fortnite Battle Royal very soon. Data miners from FNBR Leaks revealed the Fortnite New Weapons, traps and items list. Recently introduced new item Jetpack was also revealed by the Data miners before the official announcement. This shows the weak security from Epic Games.

Fortnite New Weapons and Traps

According to the files revealed by Data Miners, a “Stink Bomb” gas grenade could be a new throwable weapon in Fortnite.

A new ceiling trap that releases tires from up to 3 tiles high will also include in the player versus player mode.

Bounce Pad is also making its way to the game again.

These items can be implemented in the game very soon and can create tremendous impact in the game.

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