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Epic Games Fortnite News, New Fortnite Leak- All Corrupted Areas In Fortnite To Turn Into Volcano

It’s been almost two weeks since we are in Fortnite Season 6 and we’ve witnessed many changes in season 6. Floating Island is on its move since the past ten days and creating small pits around corrupted areas. New Fortnite Dark Bomber Skin is finally in the Fortnite shop after a long tease. But, the commotion that season 6 has created will not stop anytime as one more speculation regarding Fortnite season 6 is going to true. New Fortnite leak suggests that all corrupted areas in Fortnite are going to turn into volcano very soon.

Epic Games Fortnite News, New Fortnite Leak

If you don’t know, the theory of volcano rose when the mysterious Fortnite cube was submerged in loot lake. That time all data miners predicted the rise of Volcano on loot lake in Fortnite Season 6. But we saw floating island instead of a volcano.

Now, Volcano is finally coming in the Fortnite very soon, and there will be seven volcanoes around across the Fortnite map. The above pic from Fortrise(n) highlights a dragon flying across the multiple Volcano. It might also happen that we will see dragons flying around the Volcano in Fortnite.

Keep one thing in mind that this news is only leaked one as Epic Games haven’t confirmed this till now.

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