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Fortnite Leaks-Fortnite On Nintendo Switch Is Happening

Many reports are emerging regarding Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. Fortnite becomes most popular battle royale game in last few months. As E3 2018 is coming near, the rumors about the  Fortnite Nintendo Switch release date is increasing.

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Fortnite On Nintendo Switch

Earlier this week Kotaku’s reports also claim that a source from Epic Games told the news about having Fortnite On Nintendo Switch.

leaked E3 2018 Documents shows the Nintendo Switch’s next games which will reveal at E3 2-018. One of them is Fortnite Battle Royale. The leaked documents comes from an employee who works in making the E3 displays. This document was originally posted on 4chan.

Fortnite On Nintendo Switch

Fortnite Nintendo Switch

The leaked document also shows the news about Dragon Ball FighterZ which is also in rumors to be released on Nintendo Switch. We don’t know whether Fortnite Nintendo Switch version is happening or not, but if the leak is legitimate then it will be the big game for the Nintendo’s flagship console.

If Fortnite on Nintendo Switch is happening soon, then there will be no shock as Epic Games is already expanding its masterpiece to the new levels. Recently, Fortnite was released on iOS and now coming on Android in summer also. Epic Games also announced a huge $100M pool prize for the Fortnite eSport tournament of the year 2018-19. So, you can expect the Fornite Nintendo Switch announcement very soon at E3 2018.

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