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Fortnite Playground Limited Time Mode Guide

This Fortnite Playground Limited Time Mode guide contains everything that you want to know about the latest Fortntite LTM “Playground”.

Fortnite Limited Time Mode- Playground

This is the first time that Epic games is releasing a LTM for practising. Since the game’s release, new players are directly rushed into the match without being familiar to the mechanics of the Fortnite Battle Royal. They have to practice by costing lives countless times in the game.

Sometimes we wanted to do building and aiming practice without any distraction to improve the skills. Now, it will happen in the game as new Playground LTM is Epic Games’ first step toward providing the way to practice while relaxing.

Fortnite Playground LTM Guide

Fortnite Playground LTM

After a month of the announcement, it is confirmed that  Playground LTM  is coming soon in Fortnite.

Fortnite in-game “New Updates” shows:”Playground LTM – Coming Soon! Let your creativity run wild on your own private island”. Its release date confirmed but we know that everything that features in the update section comes within the same week in the game. So it is expected that new Fortnite LTM will release with update 4.5 on 26 June, Tuesday.

Everything We Know About Playground LTM

Fortnite Playground

Here is a complete list of features what you can expect from Fortnite Playground LTM:

  • You will spawn in the Battle Royale Map with some adjustments
  • Resource generation is increased in the new LTM.
  • The time period or Match Timer is increased
  • Friendly Fire is enabled.
  • You can practice with the full squad in LTM.
  • Respawn mode is confirmed
  • More Llamas are scattered over the map.

 Playground LTM Practice Tips

You can follow some tips to practice is the more wise way in LTM.

  • Pick up a Sniper or Assault rifles and aks your teammates to do something to make themselves to get target by someone. Since there is unlimited respawn and friendly fire in the mode you can practice your aim on your friends.
  • Practice building some appropriate forts and bases for protection. Try to make platforms in the middle while falling from the forts. You can challenge your friends in a building battle to improve building speed while in combat.
  • You can even try some new controls layouts and do practice with them.
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