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Fortnite Port a fort new item builds base in seconds

Epic games have crafted some seriously good weaponry, skins for Fortnite Battle Royale Game. Yet again, the company has teased new weapon and it looks fancy, sturdy

The company has teased the Port-A-Fort Grenade and it builds you an insane fort to protect you from a group of enemies.

The Epic games design and development team has always been innovative to give it’s player new and refreshing content to keep them engaged.

We all have observed some cool and strange type of supplies from the Fortnite Battle Royale game which includes Lamas to Boogie Dance.

Fortnite Port A Fort

Most of the Fortnite team ideas has been fairly welcomed by the player’s community and the recently launched Guided Missile is under serious discussion as this weapon has overpowered the pro players, allowing them to kill another player from hidden bases.

With the use of Port-A-Fort item, it will build a strong base just in the matter of seconds to protect you from the group of enemies.

Fortnite Port A Fort

The new item will be available from Wednesday 11th or Thursday 12th after the 3.5 Patch update. Check out the new video above demonstrating the fanciness of Port-A-Fort posted by Fortnite Team on 10th April.

Recently the most popular Fortnite player Ninja has streamed the game with Marshmellow DJ. The duo has attracted huge numbers of viewership, from the fanbase of Ninja and Marshmellow.

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