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Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament won by Ninja and Marshmello

Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament has been concluded and popular Twitch Streamer Tyler ‘Ninja” Belvins and famous EDM producer Marshmello have won the tournament.

The Pro-Am celebrity tournament has the whopping prize pool for $3 million which will be distributed to the charity of their choice.

The winner Tyler Ninja Belvins and Marshmello has received Pickaxe trophy and also secured the prize of total $1,0000,000.

Initially, two warmup matches were given to players such that they find the right coordination and teamwork before the start of the third and final match. The participants of the Pro-Am tournament included popular gamers, YouTube Streamers, musicians, rapper, athletes and more.


Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament Ninja & Marshmello

Firstly, a solo match was staged for all the 100 participants, in which they fought against each other. At the end of the solo match, Popular YouTuber NoahJ456 takes down Team Solary pro Fortnite player ‘Kinstaar’ in an enthralling gunfight to claim the Victory Royale.

In the second warm-up match, duos mode was selected, where the participants formed teams with their teammate, with whom they will continue in the third and final match. In the duos match the team of Kinstaar and OpTic Gaming member Sean O’Malley clinched the victory against Ninja.

In the final stage of the match, Fortnite master Ninja showed his class, along with his partner Marshmello who both were alive as a team against the opponents Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop and ‘KittyPlays’, who were on their own.

Team Ninja and Marshmello first eliminated the Kitty and then they defeated CouRage to clinch the Golden Pickaxe trophy.

The final top-10 placements for the Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament has been mentioned below

Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament

Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament

To watch the complete coverage of the Fortnite Pro-Am Celebrity Tournament, follow the twitch link below.

Watch Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am | #FortniteProAm | June 12, 3:30PM PT from Fortnite on


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