Battle Royale game Fornite now enters its season 3 with a new theme. There is new season pass released along with season 3. With the big update, Epic Games have introduced many tweaks and changes to the game.


Now experience Fortnite at 60 FPS!

The big v3.0 update brings a 60 FPS mode for PS4 and PS4 Pro. Now battle and survive with higher precision and more clarity than ever before. If you prefer the high-quality graphics you can toggle the FPS mode at any time but higher FPS always gives better performance.

Improvements In Building

Epic Games


In the game, pro players make a whole fortress in some seconds and knock others from there. Now it will be more easy to build some epic monuments. Epic Games has introduced some changes to the building method to the game. Earlier, objects like tree and cars were impeding the construction. Now they will not make this as you can build through them and continue your adventure toward victory. With the Turbo Build mode and Material swapping, the game will not automatically switch the materials when you run out of them. You’ll able to build the same piece by holding down the button.

Save The World Updates

Fortnite PvE mode “save the world” is also getting some new updates.This mode is getting a brand-new Hoverboard for traverse the map which will not cost your stamina. The update also brings a new Lunar New Year questline with new weapons and heroes.

Pic Credits: Epic Games

Different Than Season 2

Season 3 leaves behind the medieval theme of season 2. There are total 100 new Battle Pass tiers and with more tiers, there will more loots. Upon buying the Season 3 Battle Pass, you’ll instantly unlock a batch of great in-game rewards including the new Mission Specialist Outfit. Season 3 theme is space-based and it will take the same time as Season 2 to complete Battle Pass i.e  typically 75-150 hours.

Credits: PlayStation Blog

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