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When Fortnite Season 3 Will End?? Fortnite Season 4 Release Date

Many details for Fortnite season 4 are unfolding day by day. Fortnite Season 3 is about to end tomorrow and it is confirmed by the in-game countdown appeared on 29th April. It ends a12:30 am PT , 3:30am ET, 8:30am BST, 5:30pm AEDT.

Fortnite Season 4 Release date.

So the end of Fortnite season 3 is near and it will set the path for entry of season 4 in the game. Early it was not confirmed when the Fortnite season 4 will live but today Epic Games confirmed the Fortnite season 4 release date with a teaser in their tweet with the tagline of “Brace for Impact”. After ending of season 3, season 4 will directly go live after some maintenance on 1st May.

After a huge success of season 3 of Fortnite, season 4 has already got much hype due to its superhero based theme. Season 4 will also be the biggest season in Fortnite because the meteors are now hitting the ground in the last time of season 3 and it is speculated that a big blue comet in the game will finally hit a location in the map in starting of season 4. According to leaks, Dusty Depot will be the target of the Comet. The Mosty Mire will not be available on the map by the end of the season 4.So, get yourself ready for the biggest season in the Fortnite and prepared to increase your level once again.

Fortnite Season 4 – Meteor Will Hit Dusty Depot and Map Will Update Weekly

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