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Fortnite Season 4 – Meteor Will Hit Dusty Depot and Map Will Update Weekly

Once again some information is coming about the Epic Games’ magnum opus Fortnite Battle Royale season 4. As through the loading screen of the game, it is confirmed that the season 4 will be superhero theme based and Meteor will hit in the game at some locations.

A Reddit user ‘internetadam’  had previously shared the information of super based theme of Fortnite season 4. Now he posted new details on the Season 4 and the battle passes of the game.

Meteors Will Hit Dusty Depot In Fortnite Season 4

According to his post, it seems that the previous rumors of Meteors hitting the most crowded place Tilted tower were false. According to him, Meteors will hit Dusty Depot, and the map of the game will update weekly.One more shocking prediction is that the Mosty Mire will not be available in the map by the end of the season 4.

Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass

Apart from the map update, as season battle pass is superhero theme based so there will be at least two superhero and two villains skin available in the game.

But this information is still not confirmed as it is not announced by Epic Games. These types of predictions are widespread during such high anticipation of an update. However, internetadam’s predictions always get correct and make sense, so let’s see what will happen this time.

Here is his Reddit’s Post.

Updated/New SPOILERS for Season 4 Battle Pass + Meteor from FortNiteBR

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