Fortnite Season 6 Release Date Delayed, Spoilers

Fortnite Battle Royale is once again in talks in every gaming community as season 5 has reached near its end. From past few weeks, a mysterious Cube was creating a mysterious aura in the game. Now, that Cube is submerged into loot lake which turned it into a non-gravity area. Many theories are rising up regarding loot lake’s condition. You will get a clear picture of this only after Fortnite season 6 release. But you have to wait for little more as Fortnite Season 6 will release three days from its initial release.

Fortnite Season 6 Release Date

 Fortnite Season 6 Release Date Delayed

Yes, Fortnite Season 6 has been delayed by three more days. Everyone was expecting its release on Monday, September 24h, but Epic Games has something more planned for Fortnite Season 6. That’s why they revealed Fortnite Season 6 Release of Thursday, September 27th. 

Everytime Epic Games releases a trailer for the new season a few days before the release, but this time it is also get delayed and Epic Games has itself confirmed this news. We will not see Fortnite Season 6 Trailer until next week.

Fortnite Season 6 Release Date

This time Epic Games is planning something big and it seems that they want to spoil the surprise by an early trailer flooded by theories and speculations.

Bonus XP WeekendEPIC from FortNiteMobile

The release schedule is for Thursday, this means week 10 is getting an extension without any new challenges. The reason behind this delay is unclear but we will something good and unexpected for sure. Till then enjoy an exciting season end offer from Epic Games. Yes, end season weekend is here with 400% Match XP. This is an exciting opportunity for those who are still pulling up their game for unlocking Ragnarok skins and final tier’s Viking skull demon.

With season 6 delay,  we might see more structural development in look lake because of Cube’s merging in it.

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