Tuesday, August 2, 2022
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Fortnite Season 7, Scoped Revolver to add as new weapon in the game

Epic Games upcoming update is going to add a new weapon to the game. It seems like Epic Games is currently running out of ideas, as the new weapon seems little out of context to us. The new weapon which will be included in the upcoming update is Scoped Revolver.

It seems bit uncanny to have a scope on a revolver, also a lot will depend on the damage stats of the weapon. If it can do hefty damage to the players than it would make this gun pretty interesting to have in the slot. Also, no information has been revealed related to the range of this weapon.

Fortnite Scoped Revolver

Epic Games has described this new weapon as “packing a punch”, which means it has a lot of power in its shot.

Fortnite Scope RevolverFortnite Scoped Revolver

But it would be interesting to see, how much effect this new weapon can make in the game and will players like this weapon or not. If it will have a normal sniper range, then this gun can be really handy in some erratic situations.

Fortnite next update is expected to be released on coming Tuesday or Wednesday. It may also bring changes to wall building.


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