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First official Fortnite Season 8 teaser-hints at pirate theme

Epic Games has finally revealed the first Fortnite Season 8 official teaser. The image for the first Season 8 teaser shows an image which possibly hints towards a pirate theme. But there is no concrete clue for it as how will that fit into the current scene of Fortnite. At the moment, there are just earthquakes that are looming around the island. But no one can guess how will that result in the pirate theme.

Check the tweet by Fortnite’s official Twitter on February 24 below:

The tweet says, “‘X’ Marks The Spot Treasure abound Loot that has been lost Can always be found.” The ‘X’ can be referred to a place somewhere on the island which has some kind of a hidden treasure. Moreover, many fans believe that this place ‘X’ will be formed by the earthquakes that are happening around.

According to the leaked game files, ‘Cracken’ will be the event name for the opening of Season 8. Some fans also believe that this is a reference to the sea monster ‘Kraken’ which will erupt from these earthquakes and hence, will give a pirate theme for the Fortnite Season 8.

The hype for Fortnite Season 8 is high and these teasers are just going to pump it more. Epic Games has made it sure by giving players a free Battle Pass for Season 8 by completing the Overtime Challenges too. So stay tuned and subscribe to the website to get more updates on Fortnite Season 8.

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