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Fortnite Season 9 final teaser teases huge changes to Tilted Tower

Fortnite season 9 is just a day away, and Epic Games have released the final teaser along with another strange message about the Future.

From past two days, Epic Games has been teasing Fortnite Season 9 with a cryptic message about the Future.

Fortnite Season 9 final teaser

The third and final teaser is just out on Fortnite Twitter account. Like previous teasers, it is an image of new Battle Pass skin with an encrypted message.

The message is “The Future is Tilted”. This can be a reference to the Titled Towers. Titled Towers were brought down to ashes during the vaulting event. Maybe, we will see the resurrection of Titled Towers with a futuristic twist.

Also, Epic Game’s creative director’s tweet “From the ashes, rise” support the resurrection of the Tilted Towers.

Moreover, the letter ‘O’ behind new battle pass skin completes the word ‘NEO’ with ‘NE’ from past two teasers. The word might be a reference for futuristic skin, and upgrades in season 9.

This was the last teaser before Fortnite Season 9 release. Season 8 will end early on Thursday morning. Downtime for season 9 will begin at 5 AM EST as usual.

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