Fortnite Store Update Release Sun Tan Specialist Outfit and Rescue Paddle Pickaxe

This week’s Fortnite Store update has been released. Fortnite Saturday update always brings new items, skins and many other cosmetics to the game. This time was no exception.

In the new store update, Epic Games has released brand new Sun Tan Specialist outfit and Rescue Paddle harvesting tool.

Fortnite Store Update

Fortnite Store Update

You can see all items released via Fortnite Store update  with their respective price below:

Sun Tan Specialist (Skin, 1,500) ,Rescue Paddle ,(Harvesting tool, 800) ,Whiplash (Skin , 800),Sash Sergeant ( Skin , 1,200) ,Cutting Edge (Harvesting tool, 800) ,Rusty Rider (Glider, 1,200) ,Rambunctious (Emote, 500) ,and Rocket Spinner (Emote, 500).

Above items were leaked by data miners after the release of Fortnite Update 5.1

The store’s highlight is Sun Tan Specialist with “Epic” rarity which will cost you 1,500 V-Bucks. Meanwhile, harvesting tool is a “Rare” item worth 800 V-Bucks.

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