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Fortnite Update v4.5 Map Changes Include Dusty Divot, Tilted Tower And Snobby Shores

Epic games always made some changes to the map after every update in season 4. There have been many changes made to the map since the starting of season 4 including meteor falls to the coming of trucks and craters on the map. Before Fortnite Update v4.5, we have updated map which reveals the changes in the current map.

Fortnite Update v4.5 Map Changes

Dusty Divot

Fortnite Update v4.5

Before the season 4, Dusty Divot was known as Duty Depot and it was one of the main points of interest for the gamers. But after season 4 a huge meteor fell over it and its geography gets completely changed.

We have been seeing it evolving slowly with the updates. In the next update, it will be more greeny as you can see the trees growing inside the middle facility of Dusty Divot.

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Titled Tower

Its been a favourite place for the players for landing. Before the season 4 update, it was speculated that Titlted Tower would get hit by the meteor but Dusty Divot got hit. Titled Tower also affected by the meteor.  The craters were the effect of the incident and we have been seeing them filled slowly with every update. Now, the new updated map shows the crater is filled and replaced by a building.

Fortnite Update v4.5

Snobby Shores

Currently, the enemy lair in the mountain close to the Snobby Shores shows a rocket. As per Data Miners, the rocket will be launched by players sooner. Now, new map doesn’t show the rocket at its position. You can see the comparison of the updated map with the current map below:

Fortnite Update 4.5

Fortnite Update 4.5

Currently, there has been no official announcement by Epic Games about the launching of the Rocket, but the updated map hints toward the removal of the rocket.

Fortnite is currently in early access on PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Nintendo Switch and its update 4.5 will release on 26 June, Tuesday.

Source By: IGN

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