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Friday Box Office: Star Wars Starts Run From Top With $104m

Will Star Wars: The Last Jedi break all the records?

Friday Box Office results are out and currently ‘Wonder’ by Steve Chbosky which stars Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay is ruling at the top. Critics and audiences both gave the rave reviews to the movie however it has been a sleeper hit because of limited release. Wonder is a light-hearted family movie which wins your heart still wasn’t able to pull that much audience to the theaters.


We currently are not sure as Wonder is profitable or not because the budget of the movie is still unknown and it was able to rake in $105 million over the entire run. This weekend we saw the release of Disney’s tentpole and highly anticipated movie ‘Star Wars’. The film can stand on the high expectations from fans & the critics as it during the weekend it collected $104.7 million which is quite close to Wonder’s collection till now.

Rian Johnson has delivered a visually stunning movie which has pleased all the fans and had the second highest grossing opening weekend of all time just little behind its predecessor the Force Awakens. Star Wars with its positive feedback and huge fan base worldwide will surely bring huge chunks of money for Disney.

The rest of the list has ‘Ferdinand’ which was brave enough to challenge Star Wars at the box office, but the result was easy to predict as it collected only $3.6 million over the weekend. Just below that, we have ‘Coco’ great musical animation which had the top spot for three weeks and even tumbled Justice League from the top position. And at the fifth place right below we have Warner Bros. another fail attempt at making a successful superhero movie. Justice league will soon see itself out of the list, and we are sure Stars Wars is there to stay.

Here’s your top five at the Friday Box office:

Title                             Friday Domestic BO     Total Domestic BO
1. ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’            $104,787,000         $104,787,000
2. ‘Ferdinand’                                   $3,600,000              $3,600,000
3. ‘Coco’                                            $2,243,000              $143,028,896
4. ‘Wonder’                                       $1,480,000             $105,336,738
5. ‘Justice League’                            $1,060,000             $216,346,347






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