Friday, July 1, 2022
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Future Of Video Gaming

Gaming has evolved so much from past years, like the rate of which is extraordinary.Console gaming is now a thing.

Gone are those days where we have to wait for it to download, Internet service provides is also bringing it up to a game level.Its that time of the year where online multiplayer is on a roll.Fortnite(free) and Pubg are on trending every single day.Multiplayer are now being played most instead of other genres.

We can comfortably say that Bungie is having its hard time to be in the same picture but if things go as they planned it to be then it will be their year too as another expansion is coming this year.The big thing what sony does was launching a PS VR which was a huge step forwards.

This advancement was still being unable to get its share in the market but there are gamers who love to play it.VR titles are lesser in the market but they are going to multiply it in coming years.VR is going to be the next level of gaming in coming years and it can be possible that companies will eliminate the need for a console to power up a VR.

Black mirror’s Season 3 Episode 2 clearly indicates the future of gaming which can be horrifying but also a great step.In that episode, it was all about a game where the player is you and everything that is going to happen around to you is related to your brain activity.The thing is inserted inside you from the back of your neck which is going to read your neuro activity and according to that, it will create a level or story around you.

This right here is the future of gaming which we are going to experience in coming years.Let us know what you are expecting from this year.


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