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More Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks emerge, the phone may come in 3 versions

The news about Galaxy S10 keeps on getting more interesting. A few new Galaxy S10 leaks have come to light and apparently, the company is working on not one, not two, but 3 different models for the galaxy S10. The models will differ in terms of display size and a number of cameras.

galaxy s10 leaks

The Entry Level Galaxy S10

The first Galaxy S10 features a single rear camera and a 5.8-inch screen. The rear camera will have the famous dual-aperture feature that the Galaxy S9 sported. As for bokeh effect, it is impossible that Samsung will leave out portrait mode in its flagship phone. Like the Google Pixel 3, it will use software processing to produce that background blur.

The Dual Camera Galaxy S10

galaxy s10 leaks

The second Galaxy S10 specs are the same as the first one, except for another rear camera. The camera might be a wide angle lens or a telephoto lens. The inclusion of a second camera implies a hardware-based bokeh effect solution. The screen size remains the same.

The Galaxy S10 +

galaxy s10 leaks

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Lastly, we come to the third and most exciting version. This phone will most likely be called the Galaxy S10+ as it has a larger 6.2-inch screen. Most of the Galaxy S10 leaks refer to a three-camera setup. The third version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a triple-camera setup. This additional camera will be one of the following

  • A monochrome sensor
  •  A wide aperture lens
  • A high-resolution camera like the one in Huawei P20 Pro
  • A telephoto lens or a wide angle lens if the second camera wasn’t one.

A wide aperture lens will be obsolete if Samsung implements the dual aperture system in the main camera. A high-resolution camera is also not probable as Samsung focuses on the picture quality rather than the resolution. A monochrome sensor is likely, given that it gives good results in low light photography. A wide angle/telephoto lens is also highly likely.

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There are a few features that all models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have in common. A tall Infinity Display without a notch, a sound emitting OLED panel and an in-display fingerprint scanner. It will also sport the blazing fast UFS 3.0 storage, with theoretical Read speeds up to 2 GB per second. This means very fast app loading times, higher data transfer rate, and in general a less laggy performance. The Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks also point to the inclusion of LPDDR5 RAM, which will dramatically reduce lag in the OS and apps will have less latency.

Final Words

All the above leaks are to be taken with a pinch of salt though. These are compiled by looking at listings of upcoming phones in various Asian markets and insider information from the company itself. The Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks may or may not trickle down to the actual phone but we have reasons to believe that the phone will be phenomenal.


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