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Game of Thrones Season 8 Spoilers !! Unsullied With Dragonglass

Game of Thrones Season 8 Spoilers

Months have passed since the Game of Thrones season 7 ended & life feels empty & monotonous without it. Game of Thrones had so much power that we were excited for Mondays and waited for them eagerly. The seventh season ended on the high note & left all of us curious about upcoming last season.Now it’s time to welcome Game of Thrones Season 8

Now we have some good news for you crazy folks, that they have started shooting for the last season and we were able to get secretive information from our specially trained ‘Three-eyed raven’.

From the visuals, which we have received from our chap we confirm that scene involving Unsullied is in progress in Toome, near the Winterfell set in Moneyglass. We get to witness that, the huge army of unsullied soldiers equipped with dragonglass tipped spears, is being led by Greyworm for some impending battle. So, it is confirmed that they are ready to face the army of walkers and all thanks, to Jon snow who convinced Daenerys to let him mine the dragonglass from Dragonstone.

Raven also came up with the additional images (such a hard working crow) which provided us information regarding the construction of sets, in progress at Moneyglass & Titanic studios. From our analysis, the set coming up in Moneyglass is Winterfell and is being prepared for the winter by cloaking it with fake snow. This confirms that HBO is going all guns blazing by constructing immense sets, so to enable them to add more details, rather than depending heavily on CGI based castles.

The set that is coming up at the Titanic studios is magnanimous of them all and we are still trying to find out, which part of the Game of Thrones it refers to. We can observe that tower is being constructed & is halfway to completion. But we were not able to get the proper view of the developments as the remaining area is covered by the trucks.

Now we know that our Raven has some limitations and will focus on training him harder. Till then you, the most powerful being who is reading this, can help us in solving this mystery of new sets coming up of our favorite show.

Also, let us know your views on what these structures are & resemble which castle. Are they from King’s Landing? Will Unsullied be able to fight dead walkers with mere spears overcome the huge army of deads?

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