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How to get Android P launcher on Android device

Google recently shown the first Android P developer preview for Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel 2 series. The preview features a lot of new changes like Support for Top Notch as we’ve seen in iPhone X, it’s getting trendy and recently Asus launched Zenfone 5 with a top notch, and Oneplus 6 is also expected to be launched with a top notch. Not only this Android P preview also featured smart reply, which you can experience on your Android device (…Learn More) and a all new UI, screenshot editing, …..(Load More). You might want to experience the new Android P, for this the Android Developer Kieron Quinn (Quinny899) quickly ported the updated Nexus Launcher from the new build, so you can try it out on your Android device right now. So, here’s

How to get Android P launcher

STEP 1 –

First of all you need to download the updated Pixel launcher application by Quinn. If you’ve already downloaded the previous version of Pixel/Nexus launcher, then uninstall it first, then download the Apk and install the app. Visit this link to download the application. Search NexusLauncherPrebuilt.Apk and download it.

Find the Apk in Downloads and install it.

STEP 2 –

After installing the application, tap on Done. After this press Home navigation button, which will show you the option for Pixel Launcher and your default launcher, tap on Pixel Launcher and tap on choose Always. If you won’t select Always, the app will ask you to select the launcher every single time, if you press Home button.

STEP 3 –

The app which will not be installed as a system app, so it needs to be given the Permission, to function well. For this go to Settings, search for Apps/ Application and find & select Pixel Launcher app, select the app then scroll down to find Permissions and turn on buttons to allow the Location, Phone & Storage access.

STEP 4 –

Now if you’ve done that you’re all set to experience the upcoming Android P on your device.

You can simply Swipe Up to get all apps drawer. This launcher doesn’t have all features, as this method is Without Root, but you can customize some common things like adding widgets to the home screen. Changing icons shape by long press on home screen and tapping on Home Settings.

You can change the wallpapers by Google, for this long press on Home screen and tap on wallpaper option on left. If it shows, the app is not installed then go to Playstore and download the Google Wallpaper app. (DOWNLOAD NOW).

In the launcher you can access the Google Assistant by tapping on the Mic icon at the bottom in Home screen or by holding the Home button and by commanding “Ok Google”.

Google is expected to launch the next version of their mobile operating system, Android P, during their I/O developers conference on May 8 and for sure it will be surprising all with the coming new Android P features.

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