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How to get Android P smart reply feature in any Android device

Google recently announced the Android P Developer Preview – 1 for Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, which features a lot of new features like, New UI, Screenshot Editor, Support for Top Notch, like iPhone X’s, as notch is getting trendy, recently we have seen this in Asus Zenfone 5, and one of them is Android P smart reply feature, with which you can reply to any message right from the notifications, the app suggest you reply to be given based on the Machine Learning. Interesting right? You can have this feature on any Android device, so here’s

How to use Android P smart reply feature

STEP 1 –

The Android P smart reply feature can be experienced using an app, which was surfaced by Android Police the previous month. The app is not available on Google Playstore, so download it form here.


*I have tested in Redmi Note 5, Galaxy A8, Moto G5S+*

STEP 2 –

After downloading the Apk, install app and open it. On opening, you will find a little intro about the Reply app and app will ask to sign in with an email account. Sign in with the Gmail or you can go for another account. Enter all the details of the email account. Doing that, you will register yourself for more app features.

STEP 3 –

The app uses the feature of, lay over other apps for which it needs different and more accessibility. So, after entering the valid email account, the next option it to provide the required accessibility to the app. So, tap on Continue and find and turn on Reply app accessibility.

STEP 4 –

In next step, the app will show another feature, in which the smart reply suggestions will be given based on your location from home and office. It means if you are travelling and 1km away from home, then the suggestions will be based on them, telling the other user your location and time to reach home. You can enable this feature, and register your home and office address, but it is recommended to Skip that feature.

STEP 5 –

Next step is to choose, Automatic smart reply. For this turn On the what’s up tab and tap on Continue. And then select In A Vehicle, Biking and Running and TAP Continue, these are the options, available for now.

The automatic smart reply will be sent when you are in a vehicle, or moving. This feature is based on smartphone’s accelerometer sensor, that’s cool.

STEP 6 –

You can additionally select, the messaging apps for which give smart reply has to be given. For this Swipe Right and select Apps option and choose apps.

Now if you’ve done that you’re all set to use Android P smart reply. Just wait to receive any message and use the Android P smart reply right from the notifications.

The suggestions are language friendly, will work in the language in which the message has been received.

Note: The app is still in Beta stage, automatic reply may not work accurately.

Google is expected to launch the next version of their mobile operating system, Android P, during their I/O developers conference on May 8 and for sure it will be surprising all with the coming new Android P features.

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